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Tips For Deciding Best Color Scheme For Your Website

The process of setting up a website is not entirely a technical task. In fact, it is a task which requires the right balance of creativity and skill to program and develop websites, which are attractive, attention grabbing and at the same time fulfills all the business requirements(implements all the functionalities) and delivers an excellent user interface compelling a visitor to become a loyal customer.

The creative aspect of web development requires the designer or developer to have an in-depth knowledge of the market trends, target audience and an idea of the intellect and psyche of the website users.

In today’s article, I would like to focus on the creative streak of designing websites. We will discuss about colors and color schemes for websites.

Colors convey a lot of emotions, most of us respond to colors in a similar pattern. Consciously, or unconsciously each color has a specific emotion associated with it in our minds, and so we tend to respond to those colors in a specified manner. This obviously explains how important the colors we use in our websites are. An otherwise completely perfect website can end up being a major disaster just because the color scheme went wrong.
Take a look at this website.

New Picture (5)

You must have noticed that this website uses loud and solid colors for contrast, and the designer uses too many colors. It’s a strain on the eyes to read anything on this website, or even stare at it. The patches of different colors used to convey different information are also a complete mismatch. Furthermore, none of the design elements blend with each other or the background and hence is a total disaster. This does sound like an exaggerated version of a horrible design, but is a perfect example of a complete mismatch.

Now lets take a look at this website.

New Picture (6)

Now this is a much more mellowed down website. The colors here don’t strain your eyes but is the entire website a pleasant experience? Not exactly, they have not used contrast properly and hence it is a little difficult to read and stay focused on the website. Besides it’s not possible to do a quick scan-through of the pages as it has not been properly chunked and none of the images or important facts have been put up in a catchy manner.

In short you cannot overdo the contrast or underdo it, the color scheme of your website must be perfect, inviting and engrossing to attract users and retain them on your website.

Creative brainstorming and technicality!

Once you have decided to set up your website, do adequate research about your target audience, go through similar websites and mentally visualize and see how you want your website to be. Then keep an open mind and discuss your views and ideas with the designer and developer. Make it a point to stay in the loop with the website design company and keep yourself informed all through the stages of web development. This way, you are able to ensure that your designers understand what you want and implement all your requirements efficiently.

Color schemes and marketing objectives – a perfect synergy!

Colors can also be effectively used to integrate your marketing objectives in the website design. If you manage to integrate these strategies efficiently within the design, you would be able to build a credible appeal for your website and earn an excellent customer base.

Focus on the LOGO !

The logo of your company is what most of your clients would recall well. Logos help you build a brand identity which is crucial to your success. So if you already have a well-recognized logo, it’s a good idea to begin by designing your website to blend in well with your website. Set the base of your website accordingly, pick colors from your logo design and you’ll be able to come up with a complete scheme to go with your logo and build a website which will give you an instant brand recognition.

Shading for better effects!

Shading and coloring to give a 3 dimensional appearance to pictures and drawings are all too familiar to us. The same applies to websites as well, shading with complementary colors add spunk to your designs making them more attractive and fun.

Analogical color scheme.

An analogical color scheme is basically one base color and a neighbor color accompanied by a complementary color . Now chose the right base color from this for the major part of the website and then use the complementary color skillfully to highlight wherever applicable. To finish off use the neighbor color to add extra features to your site.

Too many colors – a bad idea!

The thumb rule for colors is to stick to just 3 colors. Never use more than 3 colors unless and until it’s absolutely necessary. Too many colors would only inhibit the comprehensibility of your website. Take a look at the first example once more and you’ll know what I’m saying. You obviously don’t want your website to look unprofessional and childish.

Don’t let the color sink your content!

The last point that I want to make is that whatever schemes you choose, it should be done with the content in mind. The content of your website is the most important part of your website. So your colors should be such that it enhances the text and improve the legibility of the content. Don’t let your content drown in an ocean of colors.
Hope this article was helpful. Happy designing!

Disha Joshi, working in Web Design Company as a content Marketer. I have been in this industry since last two & half years.


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Custom Website Design Ideas For New Online Business

image copy


Design Criterion
This is the first step for creating a website for your online business.There are plenty of templates available on the internet, choose one depending on the type of website you want to design. There are different templates available for different necessities – online portfolio,blogs or websites.

A thorough knowledge of HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language is essential to build your website on your own. The language basically consists of tags which are used to characterize the different aspects of each page.

Cascading Style Sheets are attributes that lend the various styles to your website.
The style sheet enables you to make your website look more organized and professional by setting the font style, font size, hyperlink colors, background color, table design, etc. with just a single file.

Sites like Dreamweaver and W3Schools are good at learning CSS and building websites using these style sheets.

Content Management Systems
Content management systems will help you handle and manage the contents of your website. Several CMS software like WordPress offer several free themes to work with. They can be easily installed and have more than a hundred plugins which you can customize depending upon your requirements. Whether you choose paid or free templates both are worth the effort but would require you have a considerable amount of coding. But if your knot sure about the technical know how, you can choose WordPress themes or hire a web design company to set up your website.

Niche audience
While designing websites emphasize on it being customer oriented as it is essential to render an excellent user experience to your customers. Run a complete research on your target audience and implement features which would make your website stand out from a customer perspective.

You need catchy and engrossing content on your website to capture the attention of the visitor and keep him interested in going through your entire website. So choose the images carefully, use catchy text and arrange them strategically. Content is the most important part of any website.

Search Engine Optimization
This technique gives visibility to your website by making search engine indexes so that your website comes up when a user types any of the keywords that you have incorporated.

Contact Details
You must have your contact details and provide a variety of options for the user like integrating your website with social networks like Facebook, twitter etc.

Graphic Design
Photoshop or Paint shop Pro are popular software that are used to create , edit photos or images from the scratch.You will be able to deal with animations and any other ‘graphical requirement’ through Photoshop.

These are the basic requirements for designing and developing a website.

Disha Joshi, working in Web Design Company as a content Marketer. I have been in this industry since last two & half years.


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ECommerce Web Design : Important Tips for the Usability

ECommerce websites are the most accessed website on the internet and hence the internet has a multitude of eCommerce websites. Obviously there is solid competition in this domain of the internet. So if you have an eCommerce website, then you have to gear up to outdo this competition and fetch a good Return On Investment.

Every eCommerce website has a few common traits that make it a good website like good navigation, catchy and attractive appearance and a well optimized content. But if you want to perform better than the best, you have to focus on the usability of your website. This factor will set your website a class apart from the others.
If you deliver an excellent user experience to your customers it would encourage them to keep coming to your website to make purchases. Also potential customers tend to browse several websites before they make a purchase so you have to render a usability such that they are retained on your website.

Go through these usability features:

“Check out now” button

You have to facilitate the purchase of a product the moment a user decides to buy a product, if you complicate things at this point of time they might back out. Before the user changes his/her mind or wonders whether they really need the product you have to encourage them to purchase the product. Put up a “check out now ” button where it is very conspicuous so that they can easily hit the button.

Also when you actually get down to making the checkout process, keep it as simple and easy as possible. A quick checkout is well appreciated and you earn extra mileage as these buyers would come back to your site just because you facilitate quick purchases.

Let your visitors know where they are
By this, I obviously mean the navigation of the website. Navigation on any kind of website, should be easy to use and understand. When it comes to eCommerce web design it is also essential to keep the user informed of their current position at all times. Breadcrumb trails are a good way of doing so it lets the visitor know where they are and also how they got there.

For a checkout process, let them know about the step-by-step procedure and also ensure that they are aware of the stage in which they are at during the process. Keep them informed as they proceed and let them know that they are progressing.

Auto-fill forms when registered visitors log in
Auto – fill helps complete a process faster, so auto-fill all the details that you have already registered with the user like name, address, street, email address, phone numbers, etc. Making the visitor fill out all these details again would be a major hassle for him/her and they would take the effort to do so.

Don’t collect irrelevant data which would seem an extra effort or could distract the user from purchase. Remove all the irrelevant buttons and widgets from the checkout page so that the customer remains focused. Putting up listings for other products on these pages are a bad idea as they are a major distraction.

Contact information
Make sure that your contact information is placed such that it is easily visible on each page of your website, so that it’s easy for visitors to find it.

Fast loading website
This is very important, optimize your web site so that it loads into the browser faster. Since there are several eCommerce websites on the internet, they would not have the patience for your website to load.

Include thumbnail images of products
Categorize products and put up different viewing options for the products, this makes searching easy for your customers.

Add a call to action
Use crisp and clear calls to action to keep the visitors to your website engaged and help them arrive at what they were searching for.

Including recommendations and testimonials in your website would lend authenticity and encourage visitors to purchase.
A search box is a must on eCommerce websites as they would aid the visitor in searching for things in a more efficient manner.

Disha Joshi, working in web design company as a content Marketer. I have been in this industry since last two & half years.

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