ECommerce Web Design : Important Tips for the Usability

19 Dec

ECommerce websites are the most accessed website on the internet and hence the internet has a multitude of eCommerce websites. Obviously there is solid competition in this domain of the internet. So if you have an eCommerce website, then you have to gear up to outdo this competition and fetch a good Return On Investment.

Every eCommerce website has a few common traits that make it a good website like good navigation, catchy and attractive appearance and a well optimized content. But if you want to perform better than the best, you have to focus on the usability of your website. This factor will set your website a class apart from the others.
If you deliver an excellent user experience to your customers it would encourage them to keep coming to your website to make purchases. Also potential customers tend to browse several websites before they make a purchase so you have to render a usability such that they are retained on your website.

Go through these usability features:

“Check out now” button

You have to facilitate the purchase of a product the moment a user decides to buy a product, if you complicate things at this point of time they might back out. Before the user changes his/her mind or wonders whether they really need the product you have to encourage them to purchase the product. Put up a “check out now ” button where it is very conspicuous so that they can easily hit the button.

Also when you actually get down to making the checkout process, keep it as simple and easy as possible. A quick checkout is well appreciated and you earn extra mileage as these buyers would come back to your site just because you facilitate quick purchases.

Let your visitors know where they are
By this, I obviously mean the navigation of the website. Navigation on any kind of website, should be easy to use and understand. When it comes to eCommerce web design it is also essential to keep the user informed of their current position at all times. Breadcrumb trails are a good way of doing so it lets the visitor know where they are and also how they got there.

For a checkout process, let them know about the step-by-step procedure and also ensure that they are aware of the stage in which they are at during the process. Keep them informed as they proceed and let them know that they are progressing.

Auto-fill forms when registered visitors log in
Auto – fill helps complete a process faster, so auto-fill all the details that you have already registered with the user like name, address, street, email address, phone numbers, etc. Making the visitor fill out all these details again would be a major hassle for him/her and they would take the effort to do so.

Don’t collect irrelevant data which would seem an extra effort or could distract the user from purchase. Remove all the irrelevant buttons and widgets from the checkout page so that the customer remains focused. Putting up listings for other products on these pages are a bad idea as they are a major distraction.

Contact information
Make sure that your contact information is placed such that it is easily visible on each page of your website, so that it’s easy for visitors to find it.

Fast loading website
This is very important, optimize your web site so that it loads into the browser faster. Since there are several eCommerce websites on the internet, they would not have the patience for your website to load.

Include thumbnail images of products
Categorize products and put up different viewing options for the products, this makes searching easy for your customers.

Add a call to action
Use crisp and clear calls to action to keep the visitors to your website engaged and help them arrive at what they were searching for.

Including recommendations and testimonials in your website would lend authenticity and encourage visitors to purchase.
A search box is a must on eCommerce websites as they would aid the visitor in searching for things in a more efficient manner.

Disha Joshi, working in web design company as a content Marketer. I have been in this industry since last two & half years.

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