Custom Website Design Ideas For New Online Business

21 Dec

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Design Criterion
This is the first step for creating a website for your online business.There are plenty of templates available on the internet, choose one depending on the type of website you want to design. There are different templates available for different necessities – online portfolio,blogs or websites.

A thorough knowledge of HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language is essential to build your website on your own. The language basically consists of tags which are used to characterize the different aspects of each page.

Cascading Style Sheets are attributes that lend the various styles to your website.
The style sheet enables you to make your website look more organized and professional by setting the font style, font size, hyperlink colors, background color, table design, etc. with just a single file.

Sites like Dreamweaver and W3Schools are good at learning CSS and building websites using these style sheets.

Content Management Systems
Content management systems will help you handle and manage the contents of your website. Several CMS software like WordPress offer several free themes to work with. They can be easily installed and have more than a hundred plugins which you can customize depending upon your requirements. Whether you choose paid or free templates both are worth the effort but would require you have a considerable amount of coding. But if your knot sure about the technical know how, you can choose WordPress themes or hire a web design company to set up your website.

Niche audience
While designing websites emphasize on it being customer oriented as it is essential to render an excellent user experience to your customers. Run a complete research on your target audience and implement features which would make your website stand out from a customer perspective.

You need catchy and engrossing content on your website to capture the attention of the visitor and keep him interested in going through your entire website. So choose the images carefully, use catchy text and arrange them strategically. Content is the most important part of any website.

Search Engine Optimization
This technique gives visibility to your website by making search engine indexes so that your website comes up when a user types any of the keywords that you have incorporated.

Contact Details
You must have your contact details and provide a variety of options for the user like integrating your website with social networks like Facebook, twitter etc.

Graphic Design
Photoshop or Paint shop Pro are popular software that are used to create , edit photos or images from the scratch.You will be able to deal with animations and any other ‘graphical requirement’ through Photoshop.

These are the basic requirements for designing and developing a website.

Disha Joshi, working in Web Design Company as a content Marketer. I have been in this industry since last two & half years.


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