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Disha Joshi, content Marketing Manager working in Leading IT solution company I have been in this industry since last two & half years.

How to Optimize Responsive Design for Conversions

responsive_website_design_ConversionResponsive designs have been doing the rounds for quite some time now. Statistics show that a huge proportion of people across the globe prefer using smart-phones or other hand held devices as compared to conventional PC’s or desktops. On the go internet is definitely a major time saver !! Even when it comes to financial transactions people find it easier to do it on a smartphone.

Picking up the trend business owners have already hopped on the “responsive ” bandwagon. Though websites have been optimized to make itself accessible on a variety of devices, owners have often overlooked the user experiences and other best web design practices. Most websites are not designed with a mobile first approach neither are they optimized to handle mobile traffic. But with time one can expect companies to cater to their clients through channels dedicated to these devices.

For todays article I’ve picked out a few very good responsive designs that render a good user experience as well as nail their goals beautifully. Lets begin with what responsive designs actually are.

What are responsive designs?

These are websites that are designed to fit into any screen size without having to lose out on any useful information. The designs have a fluid structure and so resize and rearrange itself to fit the screen of the multitude of devices present in the market. This means there would be just one website and one core set of codes for the site so that it performs perfectly on several devices.

That means the website has to be designed such that on a larger screen it’s displayed depending on the user behavior on those screens and then on a smaller screen it shows a different pattern to render to the usability and UX on smaller screens.

So how do we discern the elements that work for larger displays and those that work for smaller displays.

Conversion elements worth keeping

Sorting out what’s worth keeping and what can be trimmed away is the most important decision. Mobile users prefer click-able elements , easy to scroll navigations, bigger texts and plenty of white space around click-able element to segregate them. Besides these design factors they find it handy if they can easily use and locate the map, get directions, business hours and the tap to call or the click to call functionality.

Basically focus on making it easy for viewers to read (if site is content based) and see, make choices without confusions, highlight the call to action so that it’s easy to click and in short make things a lot simpler.

So focus on integrating mobile features with your design to make the site intuitive and convenient to use. Since the screen size is limited you have to plan and sort out the important aspects that contribute to conversions and make complete use of the sight, sound and media options that are available.

Elements that you can do away with.

Focus on conversion when sorting out the layout or design. Do away with anything that can lead the visitor to click away, get confused or distracted.

A familiar pattern that I’ve come across is that people just remove the ads and deploy stacking to arrange elements on the page for a better layout. This does not ensure you conversions. You have to focus on the user experience and user requirements before you settle in for a design.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Keep it to a minimum– To enable easier touch -navigation, mobile pages are optimized by using scrollable images (like a slide show) and several thumbnails instead of a large view.
  • Expandable content – This is pretty handy when you don’t want your page to look boring and lengthy with lots of text on it. Group them into subheading and give users the luxury to tap the content they want to read through. This way they would now where to find what and maneuver through your page conveniently.
  • Prominentreviews and ratings– This is what any user would want to check out first so keep them aligned and easy to spot – front -and-center on the site, you can further reinforced with social proof.
  • Large price and payment options – To display vital information(like the price and how to pay options) clearly without any ambiguity.
  • Make Free shipping more noticeable –A Prominent icon to see the shopping cart and also facilities like free shipping etc, are highlighted for better conversions.
  • Large call-to-action button – They are the most crucial ones have to crystal clear and large so that there is no confusion. Use appropriate colors to set the mood and ensure that it does not require any zooming, tweaking or pinching. Must be as easy as a tap.

The website for United Pixelworks have beautifully crafted their site to cater to mobile users and desktop users. They use a large prominent button for the shopping cart at the top right hand corner where it is easily visible and drop down navigations to save space. They then neatly arranged the contents similar to a Windows 8 OS making it easy to click. They have also cleverly displayed the vital info like the price and a short description upfront making them impossible to miss.

Hiutdenim has paid a lot of attention to the user experience on their mobile versions. On the desktop version they have used white text on a dark background, but for ease or reading they have a white background with black text for their mobile versions. This will help them improve their conversions significantly. They also display their shopping cart with the no. of items in it prominently at the top and employ call to action buttons that are vivid and span the entire width of the screen(Practically urging you to click it !.)

Always riding uses a simple yet crisp and clean website to effectively communicate with its clients. Drop down menus and navigations to save space. Light backgrounds with black text for improved reading. Filter and sorting option are again expandable to save space and make it easier for the customer. Ratings are displayed upfront along with the price. In simple words it’s clear and effective. is another interesting site, they have used the right balance of colors and text to highlight important aspects of the site. Intuitive display and the design on the whole draws you to it and is easy to use. They have integrated mobile features like tap-to -call and maps to make it easier for their customer to reach them.

Disha Joshi, working in Best Web Design Company as a content Marketer. I have been in this industry since last two & half years. For more information you can Contact Us or you can go on Portfolio.


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Google Rich snippets – latest Updates

As the most used search engine on the Internet Google is constantly working on delivering the most relevant and useful search results to its users. The whole idea of rich snippets is to give users a short summary or a piece of your website giving them all the relevant information. These snippets appear on the search results page making it easier for user to decide which one to click.

Rich snippets help users find what they are looking for in an easy an convenient manner. Supposing I was searching for someone named Tom Brown, if I Google it several results would appear, but the little summary under each result option would help me decide which website I want to check out. This little summary is called a snippet.

Being the webmaster, you obviously have a better idea of the webpage and hence can easily annotate your pages with structured data that is embedded in the standard format. Google applies it’s algorithms to these highlighted data and forms rich snippets

Screenshot at 2013-03-04 10_27_14

Screenshot at 2013-03-04 10_27_42

There are basically three ways in which you can make your website “rich snippet ready” – microdata, microformats and RDFa.

Here’s how you can enable rich Snippets for your website.

Three easy steps to creating rich snippets:

1. Choose a markup format.

Google requires you to have either microdata, microformats or an RDFa code to be included in the markup of your web page. However, Google is known to prefer Microdata over the other two.

  • Microdata – This is an HTML specification which is used to label content that describes a specific type of information. It uses attributes in HTML usually <span> or <div> to tag data(brief description, names, properties, etc.)

  • Microformats – They are entities or convention that are used to describe any specific information. Each of these entities have their on properties. They use the class attribute in HTML tags usually the <span> or <div>.
  • RDFa – Again used to label specific type of information. These data are called entieties and they have a number of properties each. RDFa also use the attributes in XHTML tags – <span> or <div>.

2. Content – Mark them up!

Currently Google has been supporting Rich snippets for the following contents:

  • People

  • Products

  • reviews

  • Authors

  • Recipes

  • Events

  • Music

  • Video

  • Software applications

  • Breadcrumbs

  • Weather (the latest addition)

3. Test the markup.

In 2012 Google released the Structured Data Testing Tool ( to enable Google to read and extract the mark-up. Add and test your rich snippet markup and then Google will pick it up when it crawls your site.

Screenshot at 2013-03-04 10_38_35.1


Another method that can be used is the Data highlighter, it’s a tool used to explain the contents and the pattern of event- related data on your website to Google. One just has to tag the data fields using the mouse and Google will use this data in its search results to display them in a more attractive and relevant fashion.

Google has definitely made search results more useful and easy to comprehend. Rich snippets give users a summary of what to expect based on the keywords that they have entered and helps them decide which website to click. So use this opportunity to present your Web Pages in the most relevant and attractive manner as possible on Google search results.


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Track your Visitors with Advanced Techniques for Google Analytics

Google-Analytics1Analyzing and monitoring the progress of a website is not just a part of building a new site, in fact analytics is an ongoing task which is critical to the outcome of the site and essential for strategic marketing campaigns and improving the existing design.

The biggest benefits of websites and publishing online is the ability to continually monitor visitor interactions and make the necessary changes to tip the graphs in your favor.

The most popular and widely used analytics tool is the Google Analytics. All you have to do is add a small script to each page of your website and Google would pick them up and record data of each and every visitor that comes on your site. Google would have a complete list of data for each and every visitor like:

  • When the visitor visited your website

  • The pages the visitor visited

  • The time spent on each page

  • The type of browser the visitor used

  • The size of the screen used by the visitor

Besides the above it also gives you some more basic details about traffic in general like:

  • The source of the traffic; lets you know which areas are working for your site like search engines,social bookmarking, referral sites,etc.

  • The keywords that are fetching you traffic from search engines.

  • Popular pages of your website – “top content.”

So as the administrator of your website, you can log into your Google Analytics account and go through the entire data, analyze them and try to determine or identify a pattern of interaction followed by the visitors. Does this pattern culminate in the desired call to action? If it does, you’re on the right track! If this is not the case, the data would help you identify weak spots and you can improve upon them for a better performance. You just have to establish a pattern the visitors follow and then enhance your site so that the traffic is oriented in the right direction.

To Make the Most of GA:

  1. Use Filter Options-

The key to making the most of Google Analytics is to effectively use its filter options. Google has a data collection limit of 10 million and a freshness limit of 50,000 visits per day. If you deal with large amounts of data you could get around these limits by using filters to limit your reports based on a number of fields like IP address, traffic source, sub domain or directory.

Filtering at the URL level enables you to categorize parameters of the URL while running detailed analysis. You just have to give a user defined value for the filter field and save the common parameter. This would enable you to sort the data accordingly.

  1. Create Custom Reports-

When it comes to tracking the SEO, paid search, Social media or mobile data on your analytics custom reports can be very useful. Depending upon your requirements you can create a variety of categories in your Custom Report Tab. The best part is that you can share your custom reports!.You can share the report with:

  • Different websites sharing the same G A log-in

  • Practically anyone by sharing the custom URL to the report

  • Others by adding the report to the Dashboard & then sharing the Dashboard.

  1. Custom Alerts-

Again when you have large volumes on different sites to be analyzed you can set up a comfortable system by setting threshold values for certain critical fields. For instance you can set up alerts for the traffic changes on your site by fixing a minimum and maximum threshold value so that you get an email when either of the limits go off. This way you would be able to keep a better track of things. GA also gives you the option of getting text message alerts.

A snag in Google Analytics?

In spite of these benefits, Google Analytics does not provide a comprehensive solution. There are some flaws to this diagnosis which could lead to misrepresentation of the data. One particular instance is that the Google Analytics tool is unable to record the time a visitor spends on the last page of a site unless he/she performs a call to action or in some cases moves on to another page on the website. It would have a significant impact on your IM strategy especially if it’s a one page campaign.

This calls for the need of a more foolproof method. An advanced tracking technique to keep a tab on visitors who don’t complete a click based call to action or navigate to another page on the site.

Tricks to Overcome:

There is indeed a trick to overcome the above situation- Google requires an additional scripting to measure the exact time spent on the last page visited by recording actions like a page scroll, non -interactive clicks , time between specified actions and a lot more. These metrics would enable a better understanding of the user behavior and help us develop better strategies to overcome errors.

Other than additional scripting and using advanced techniques the success of your website also depends on how you use the data from the analytics to improve your site. Reading these data analysis also requires a keen eye with excellent reasoning skills.

Disha Joshi, working in Best Web Design Company as a content Marketer. I have been in this industry since last two & half years.

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Why should I go for a CMS based web development?


CMS web development refers to the process of developing a web site that allows you to edit or modify the content of the site. Due to the numerous advantages CMS web sites are in wide use. A web development company prefers CMS development rather than the ordinary design and development process. The CMS based system allows you to bring any modification in the web content without any external help. You need not be an expert in using the modern hardware and software tools. You just need to be familiar in working with word documents. No technical assistance is required.

There are different CMS applications available in the design market. Each of them has its own specifications that are different from others. This enables different users to work with the required CMS applications. The user can work according to his requirements. The customized nature of the CMS based system thus allows a user friendly working atmosphere. Among the numerous advantages the CMS web development has one major drawback. It lacks search engine compatibility. This is because it involves URLs that contain several images. These images make it difficult for the search engine to do the searching process. Therefore, the CMS developed web site may not be found by the search engine. As mentioned, the CMS web sites possess a large number of advantages. These are the reasons behind wide usage of CMS sites. Some of them are listed below:

The prime reason behind the wide popularity of CMS web sites is that it provides you with the right to modify your web sites in any ways you want. You can edit, add, delete images or other components as you wish. Any number of pages can be added or deleted according to your requirement. There was a time when the business owners had to approach the web development company that created the web site for any modifications. At each phase they had to be paid separately. With the introduction of CMS now the web site owners can themselves do any modifications in the web site content. This reduces the chances of approaching the development company, thus saving valuable time and cost of maintenance.

The second reason why one should go for CMS web development is that it uses XHTML, Java script and CSS. This has lead to a number of other advantages that includes:

  1. Compatibility with the browsers. It is friendly with all the modern browsers.
  2. Easiness in site maintenance. Since the CMS based system allows you to modify the web site on your own the maintenance process has become easier. Because it does not involve the interference of the development company, it gives you all the rights.
  3. Increased accessibility. It allows a larger audience to reach your web site.

Templates: CMS allows using different templates that may be free of cost or pay per use. These templates add to the overall look of the web site.

User interface: CMS based systems allow user interface. Hence it has gained a wide popularity among the clients.

The above mentioned are few reasons why you should go for CMS based web development company.

Disha Joshi, working in Best Web Design Company as a content Marketer. I have been in this industry since last two & half years.


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Benefits of Informational Articles

benefits of informational articlesThe desire of a man to excel has never been quenched completely and this leads him in the discovery of more and more innovative provisions. Development of ecommerce has brought to the top, vitality of websites to compete in the field of online business. Every website was welcomed and viewed with enthusiasm when the website revolution was at its initial stage. In the present scenario where new websites are emerging day by day, not all get noticed and nor each and every one hosted receives ample amount of traffic. So a web development company should upturn every possible stone to ensure efficiency and excellence to the websites they design. The informational articles in a website are really of great benefit in this regard.

What are informational articles?

Since online world is really dynamic in nature; with the evolution of new strategies and products or services frequently, information about them is hugely in demand. Many websites provide enough information up to the level of satisfaction to avail the visitors a view of the matter of their concern. There are always numerous articles available in the resource library of a website and the types generally include expert information, how to do type of articles and FAQ related articles. These informative articles are of immense benefits for both the visitors and website owners.

Increase in the regularity of visitors

With the provision of free reliable information, websites mesmerize the visitors with new updated facts and many questions in their mind are answered. This prompts the visitors to visit the site again and again when doubt arises or to get new information regularly. Trust is ensured when the information provided are factual. Since trust matters a lot, chances of the products or services of being hired increases and so the inclusion of articles is suggested and even provided by a typical web development company.

Enhancement of visibility

The links towards a website may also increase because of these articles. When the other webmasters in the online world find the information relevant they provide links towards the whole article database or to a particular article page. Optimization is another benefit received from these articles. Optimization of keywords paves way for higher rankings in the competitive search results. Even though the initial visits will be towards the articles, usually visitors make a few more clicks if the articles are capable of creating enthusiasm. This matter completely relies on the caliber of the content writer who writes article either as a freelancer or as an employ of a web development company.

Establishment of relationships

Generally the main fault which occurs with business firms is that they focus on direct means to gain more sales. They focus more on advertisements and spend more web wages boasting about their achievements, reliability etc. This may put a negative influence as such huge descriptions are usually boring to the visitors and they may hit the back arrow which is never desirable. Instead of this, when the informative articles are used, the visitors will show the tendency to revisit the sites and keep on reading more. Some may even contact for the clarification of their doubts. Thus a sort of acquaintance and relationship is developed. They may be converted to regular customers if they can be convinced with care and respect.

There are also many more benefits of informative articles like the increase in reputation of the company, satisfaction of browsers making the company popular and also lending a helping hand to the visitors with genuine information is also a matter of great worth which truly deserves appreciation.

Disha Joshi, working in Best Web Design Company as a content Marketer. I have been in this industry since last two & half years.


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Design the Basics of Great Website

basic-web-designIt has now impossible even to thing about the existence of a business without an online presence. The developing technologies and changing trends have influenced a lot in the website designs irrespective of the dimension of business. With the emergence of small firms and even freelancers starting their own websites, small business web design is also provided by services around the globe. Not every websites receive traffic and many even remain unnoticed in the vast online ocean. Design of a website is surely an attractive feature.

Great web design seems very much similar to that of a real world print designs. You should be aware of elements which contribute to a great website design. Great website from any Web Design Services results from careful planning and thought. For a design, whether it is a small business web design or for large firms, numerous aspects need to be considered.

Basics of great website

Great websites grab great results. Same elements in the case of print design are also applicable to web design. Exploration of layout and space, adequate and efficient handling of colors and fonts etc pave way to a great website design. The website should also attain high position in the search results. Usually this has to do more with keywords and links rather than the design itself. But many of the web design services are also equipped with highly trained and well experienced content writers who can boost up the visibility of your website.

Relevance of planning for web designing

Certain things never have any replaceable options. Experience is certainly one among them. Even though planning never compensates experience, it helps really to a greater extent. Planning makes a huge difference in the website developed. Here decisions are made what all to include in the websites, its practical difficulties, available options and the final solution.

Designing of Great websites could be done only if certain conditions are met and few things are considered which are enumerated below.

  1. There should not be any difficulty in loading. Quick loading of the sites always increments the revisits to your site, Else suppose a person think of revisiting the site, his previous experience of waiting for a longer time may hinder a click and you may be losing a customer. Browsers will only be loyal if the web content including text and all other features are beneficial to them. The pop-ups and flash works are never going to do any extra advantage to your business.
  2. The service to be hired is the next most important decision to be made. Your website should be capable of projecting your reputation and the needs should be met aptly. The niche should be found and provision of unique quality high content should be done. The selection of web design services highly influences the quality of websites you get.
  3. The problems of users must be solved with great dedication. Focus should never be deviated from that. A clean and simple design is ideal to reciprocate professionalism even if the case is of small business web design. The user should not be distracted from the useful content of websites by unnecessary inclusions like scrolling texts, animated images etc.
  4. Time is always a matter of concern. So means should be made available for the reception of results at maximum possible pace. Such website designs are bound to produce success automatically.

Thus designs are really the basics for a good website. Since websites are designed for a long term purpose, perfection in performance should be ensured.

Disha Joshi, working in Best Web Design Company as a content Marketer. I have been in this industry since last two & half years.


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Advantages of Using WordPress For Your Website

wordpress_developmentOnline world demands continuous updates frequently. Websites are one the most prominent factor determining the fate of a business aiming to flourish online. So it is should be kept updated not just in regard of text content but also other provisions available to improve the looks and functionality of a website. WordPress is one of the latest boon availed to enhance your websites.

WordPress development has revolutionized the scenario of website development. WordPress actually is an open source of blogging platform. It exceeds in functionality more than that of a blogging platform as addition of pages can also be done and so it is an efficient content manager too. The WordPress platform offers numerous benefits for your website which makes is preferable to a web development company.

The installation process is easy and quick

The installation is the very first process to be done in the website provided to you by the web development company. The ease and pace of installation helps in saving time and effort. Just few clicks are enough to get the job done for you. Thus it overcomes the disadvantages of various similar applications which make your hosting space wait for long.

Abundant availability of theme choices

The impact of themes on a website is high, no matter which web development company developed the website. Themes greatly influence the feel and look of a website. They come with certain default themes but with latest releases there are enough themes which can be uploaded and installed. Also you can opt for paid themes which suit your taste and need more.

WordPress offers immense functionality.

In case of the WordPress development, your skills in coding never matters. Dashboard alone is the matter you need to get concerned with. It offers functions of creating pages, posts, image galleries, audio, video and more services are offered with newer releases.

Extendibility is another virtue

With the availability of around 8000 plug-ins (normally), their installation can boost the functionality of the WordPress. Some of the extra provisions by these are improvement of SEO, enhancement of the functions for blog comments, twitter tools, creation of xml sitemap, page orders, pinging and rotation of tag clouds.

Just few clicks will lead to the updating of this WordPress software and usually just a genuine click by the mouse is enough. Notification is also received with the availability of upgraded versions.

It is friendly towards search engine optimization

The WordPress structure is in such a manner that it very well suits the SEO needs. The content and simple blogging is welcomed by search engines. Installation of certain plug-ins can be very helpful in optimizing the site fully and thus complication regarding SEO can be minimized to a greater extent.

Security can also be ensured

Security worries can be eliminated by keeping the updates regularly. Backups should be taken regularly. Various enhancement, in addition can be added so as to again diminish the threat of hackers.

WordPress development is gaining popularity day by day and is chosen for numerous higher profile establishments. It is a fore sooth fact that technology is accelerating with great velocity. So the updated technology should be utilized in the maximum possible way and thus should be the case of WordPress. Normally the web development companies rely greatly on this wonderful option to make the best among the possible websites.

Disha Joshi, working in Best Web Design Company as a content Marketer. I have been in this industry since last two & half years.


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