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Advantages of Using WordPress For Your Website

wordpress_developmentOnline world demands continuous updates frequently. Websites are one the most prominent factor determining the fate of a business aiming to flourish online. So it is should be kept updated not just in regard of text content but also other provisions available to improve the looks and functionality of a website. WordPress is one of the latest boon availed to enhance your websites.

WordPress development has revolutionized the scenario of website development. WordPress actually is an open source of blogging platform. It exceeds in functionality more than that of a blogging platform as addition of pages can also be done and so it is an efficient content manager too. The WordPress platform offers numerous benefits for your website which makes is preferable to a web development company.

The installation process is easy and quick

The installation is the very first process to be done in the website provided to you by the web development company. The ease and pace of installation helps in saving time and effort. Just few clicks are enough to get the job done for you. Thus it overcomes the disadvantages of various similar applications which make your hosting space wait for long.

Abundant availability of theme choices

The impact of themes on a website is high, no matter which web development company developed the website. Themes greatly influence the feel and look of a website. They come with certain default themes but with latest releases there are enough themes which can be uploaded and installed. Also you can opt for paid themes which suit your taste and need more.

WordPress offers immense functionality.

In case of the WordPress development, your skills in coding never matters. Dashboard alone is the matter you need to get concerned with. It offers functions of creating pages, posts, image galleries, audio, video and more services are offered with newer releases.

Extendibility is another virtue

With the availability of around 8000 plug-ins (normally), their installation can boost the functionality of the WordPress. Some of the extra provisions by these are improvement of SEO, enhancement of the functions for blog comments, twitter tools, creation of xml sitemap, page orders, pinging and rotation of tag clouds.

Just few clicks will lead to the updating of this WordPress software and usually just a genuine click by the mouse is enough. Notification is also received with the availability of upgraded versions.

It is friendly towards search engine optimization

The WordPress structure is in such a manner that it very well suits the SEO needs. The content and simple blogging is welcomed by search engines. Installation of certain plug-ins can be very helpful in optimizing the site fully and thus complication regarding SEO can be minimized to a greater extent.

Security can also be ensured

Security worries can be eliminated by keeping the updates regularly. Backups should be taken regularly. Various enhancement, in addition can be added so as to again diminish the threat of hackers.

WordPress development is gaining popularity day by day and is chosen for numerous higher profile establishments. It is a fore sooth fact that technology is accelerating with great velocity. So the updated technology should be utilized in the maximum possible way and thus should be the case of WordPress. Normally the web development companies rely greatly on this wonderful option to make the best among the possible websites.

Disha Joshi, working in Best Web Design Company as a content Marketer. I have been in this industry since last two & half years.


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What does the new WordPress 3.5 have in store for us?

The version 3.5 named “Elvin” after the famous drummer Elvin Jones has lots of pleasant surprises in store for WordPress users. Especially with features like media library, plugin installations and theme previewer.

In this article we will be going through some of these changes and how to use them.

Media Uploader Improvements

The new version has made uploading media in content very easy and simple. It provides a very simplified interface streamlining the entire workflow and enabling easy uploading and inserting images even for beginners.

Here’s how you do it:
Click the new “Add Media” button:

Media Uploader Improvements1

In the light box that pops up , choose how you want to add the image – by dragging and dropping or by clicking“Select Files.”

Media Uploader Improvements2

Once you have added the image it will appear in the pop-up dialog box. Click the image to access its settings, which will appear on the right.

Media Uploader Improvements3

To finish off click the “Insert into post” button and watch your image appear on your post.

New Default Theme

Ever since 2010 the wordpress development team uses a new default theme each year. This year’s default theme is called the Twenty Twelve and was released with the 3.5 version.

New Default Theme1

This is the first fully responsive default theme, therefore improving the accessibility of your WordPress blog as it would fit any screen size

New Default Theme2

Twenty Twelve on a small screen

The twenty twelve provides a front page template with it’s own widgets in the place of a sidebar. This would enable you to customize the front page in a single page set-up. Here the WordPress takes on a CMS attribute.

New Default Theme3

Twenty Twelve’s front-page template

Also commendable is the fact that the theme is retina-ready, so it works well on high resolution screens and has a stock of Open Sans font family.

Links Manager Is Gone

For a fresh 3.5 installation of the wordPress the links menu is disabled, this is done to make the core lighter. But if you are updating an existing WordPress then these links will continue to exist.

Links Manager Is Gone1

The links menu does not exist anymore.

You have to install the Link Manager plugin to get this feature on the new 3.5 version.

Links Manager Is Gone2

A menu with the Link Manager plugin

Favorite Plugins

You now get to mark all the plugins that you like as a favorite by just clicking a button

Favorite Plugins1

The “Favorite” button for plugins.

You can then directly access the favorites from the admin panel. This way its easier for you to install these plugins. To get the list you need to go to Plugins → Add New → Favorites, type your user name, and hit the “Get Favorites” button.

Favorite Plugins2

Pulling up the list of favorite plugins from

Favorite Plugins3

Favorite plugins

Welcome Screen

Again WordPress has further simplified things for its users with a user-friendly and simpler welcome screen which includes all the basic tasks that a user would require.

Welcome Screen1

The new welcome screen

Color Picker

An improved color picker so you are spoilt for choice.

Color Picker1

Other Enhancements

There are several other features that are introduced from a developer perspective and might sound insignificant to the basic user:
XML-RPC has been enabled by default to facilitate easy conection with mobile apps.
Has improved static front-page options in the “Reading Settings” menu.
No longer promotes child categories to the top level after minor edits.
External libraries like TinyMCE, SimplePie, jQuery and jQuery UI have been updated and the Backbone 0.9.2 and Underscore 1.3.3 have also been added.
Now supports Instagram, SoundCloud and SlideShare.
Subdirectories now allow multi-site usage in a subdirectory.
The “HTML” tab renamed to “Text.”
Screen reader and keyboard navigation support have been improved; you now can navigate the admin panel using the Tab key
Several visual elements converted to CSS3 formats suitable for HidPI

Disha Joshi, working in SEO Web Design Company as a content Marketer. I have been in this industry since last two & half years.


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