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Design the Basics of Great Website

basic-web-designIt has now impossible even to thing about the existence of a business without an online presence. The developing technologies and changing trends have influenced a lot in the website designs irrespective of the dimension of business. With the emergence of small firms and even freelancers starting their own websites, small business web design is also provided by services around the globe. Not every websites receive traffic and many even remain unnoticed in the vast online ocean. Design of a website is surely an attractive feature.

Great web design seems very much similar to that of a real world print designs. You should be aware of elements which contribute to a great website design. Great website from any Web Design Services results from careful planning and thought. For a design, whether it is a small business web design or for large firms, numerous aspects need to be considered.

Basics of great website

Great websites grab great results. Same elements in the case of print design are also applicable to web design. Exploration of layout and space, adequate and efficient handling of colors and fonts etc pave way to a great website design. The website should also attain high position in the search results. Usually this has to do more with keywords and links rather than the design itself. But many of the web design services are also equipped with highly trained and well experienced content writers who can boost up the visibility of your website.

Relevance of planning for web designing

Certain things never have any replaceable options. Experience is certainly one among them. Even though planning never compensates experience, it helps really to a greater extent. Planning makes a huge difference in the website developed. Here decisions are made what all to include in the websites, its practical difficulties, available options and the final solution.

Designing of Great websites could be done only if certain conditions are met and few things are considered which are enumerated below.

  1. There should not be any difficulty in loading. Quick loading of the sites always increments the revisits to your site, Else suppose a person think of revisiting the site, his previous experience of waiting for a longer time may hinder a click and you may be losing a customer. Browsers will only be loyal if the web content including text and all other features are beneficial to them. The pop-ups and flash works are never going to do any extra advantage to your business.
  2. The service to be hired is the next most important decision to be made. Your website should be capable of projecting your reputation and the needs should be met aptly. The niche should be found and provision of unique quality high content should be done. The selection of web design services highly influences the quality of websites you get.
  3. The problems of users must be solved with great dedication. Focus should never be deviated from that. A clean and simple design is ideal to reciprocate professionalism even if the case is of small business web design. The user should not be distracted from the useful content of websites by unnecessary inclusions like scrolling texts, animated images etc.
  4. Time is always a matter of concern. So means should be made available for the reception of results at maximum possible pace. Such website designs are bound to produce success automatically.

Thus designs are really the basics for a good website. Since websites are designed for a long term purpose, perfection in performance should be ensured.

Disha Joshi, working in Best Web Design Company as a content Marketer. I have been in this industry since last two & half years.


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eCOmmerce Web Design

E-commerce stands for Electronic Commerce which basically deals with paperless information exchange for business purpose via the latest Internet technologies and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). E- Commerce can actually help an organization to practice online stocking, B2B transactions through Internet and many others such as bond transaction, Internet shopping, documents, graphics and etc. So when you are up to choose a web design firm you should be careful about your decision.

There are many Web Design Companies providing Services to cater to their client’s online business needs. The best of the lot is selected depending upon the organizational requirements of the client. Before one finalizes on any vendor for Ecommerce web designing, the person must consider the different aspects in details. The customer should have a wide experience in finalizing a vendor. It is not at all an easy job to select the right contender for the organization’s or individual’s ecommerce website solution.

Benefits of having an ecommerce version for your business:

  • Production Cost Reduction

  • Upgraded Information System

  • Good Management System in the organization

  • Good Management System in the other organizations

  • Business Strategies tend to be better

  • Addition of products is easy and simple

  • One can have Stock Control System

  • Customer Details stored

  • Order Confirmation Automated

  • Email Marketing Available

  • All payment processors work with it

E-commerce web designing provides both intelligent services and professional development like e-commerce integration, e-commerce web-design, optimization of search engine, re-engineering & enhancement, professional web designing, custom web designing, etc. E-commerce web design covers all latest technologies available on web.


  1. Though most E-commerce Web Design firms claim that they cater to every kind of project to get your contract, it is extremely important to consider the vendor’s experience. It will help one to know more about the vendor organization & their working pattern. Please emphasize to find out what are the types of project they have delivered and are equipped to deliver rather than blindly believing what they claim.

  1. After the website is developed or made, its maintenance is of immense importance. So please have a thorough look at the terms & conditions of the vendor company to find the maintenance clause. Ensure the fact that they provide your site with a proper maintenance after the website is already in place. Always find out whether the vendor company fixes up technical glitches that pop-up later on.

  1. The project cost of the Web Site Design always matters a lot, so set the budget before going in for any negotiation. Once you have already selected the vendor organization then they must ask the vendor how much the project will cost. Compare the same with the set budget and take a step further only if it matches or negotiate to get the cost down.

  1. The best clean & transparent method to know about the real facts of the vendor company is through the comments and feedbacks of existing clients about their services. So always try to get as many such comments & feedbacks as possible to get a clear picture about their market reputation.

  1. The company size is also a matter of concern as company’s size will help you discern whether they would be able to provide quality websites & service to their customers.

  1. Every project comes with a time limit so don’t forget to check out whether the vendor company can provide the promised services within that time period.

  1. Large Web Design firms usually have their personal proprietary systems & software which tend to be beneficial.

Disha Joshi, working in Best Web Design Company as a content Marketer.I have been in this industry since last two & half years.


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Trends to Watch out for (2013) Web design

The new year’s here and just like the previous, this year also we can expect some cool features or trends to catch up or in some cases improved existing ones to perform better. So let’s check out what the design world has planned out for the year 2013.

Again these cannot be called as benchmarks as they are my predictions based on the current trends and recent studies. Other designers might have different opinions, so hopefully it would help you shape up your skills and know which direction to head.

1. Responsive Layouts

This trend was actually a prediction made for the year 2012; however, it has been constantly changing and evolving to become better and more “responsive.” Ultimately, we can hope for a truly fluid layout which would easily fit into any screen size without losing out on any data in the process. This way, the website would be ready to suit any form of digital media be it a large-sized laptop or smaller tab or even tinier screen sized smart phones.
So in short we are not very far from having a uniform web design with a single set of codes, which work perfectly on all environments.

2. Fixed Headers

From a user interface and experience perspective, fixed headers are a great way to put your users at ease. They make the navigation and other handy stuff that you put in a header within easy reach of the user. The CSS position: fixed; property put to ingenious use!
Your visitor can scroll down and still access the navigation easily. This pattern when creatively paired with layouts can produce some beautiful designs, so it goes well with the aesthetics of your website. Besides, this feature can be used for any kind of website – social networks, blogs, etc.

3. Large/oversized Photo Backgrounds

The focus of every design is to capture the attention of the user and keep him/her engrossed on the website. The current trend is to use an oversized Pic in the background of your design. Integrate the photograph well with your design and it could do wonders.

Often big pics/photos can be quite pleasing to the eyes. When the picture is properly blended with the rest of the layout, it would give you an excellent ‘attention grabber.’ Davidia – has done a wonderful job of using huge oversized photography to complement their website so perfectly that it has been used to the advantage of the actual goal of the website – display the wood products that they manufacture and outsource!

4. Minimalist approach to Landing Pages
The minimalist approach has worked in 2012 and will continue through 2013. There’s no better way to get your visitor to focus on your website than designing a website devoid of all the distractions.

The internet is the perfect venue to buy and sell things; you get an unlimited access to numerous potential clients. To tap this huge potential your website must be target oriented and focus on your products and services.

A landing page on the internet means capturing new leads for your website. So when you get visitors to come to your landing page, you want to clearly convey your products and services without any confusions. A neat and clutter-free landing page does just that!

5. Digital QR Codes – a new trend!

QR or the Quick Response Codes have become the new rave. It was initially invented by the Japanese, in the automotive sector for speedy component scanning. Now the QR has found widespread functions right from restaurants to magazines to train tickets or even product code labels. The QR is like a bar code which stores information like the URL or any kind of data. Smartphones have QR Code apps that can instantly translate and read the code. Off lately a lot of websites are incorporating the QR in its design mainly for product marketing.

6. Social Media Badges – quick access.

Social media and viral marketing is an approach most businesses take, to reach out to as many people across the globe as possible. You can use these badges to pin onto anything like – blog posts, articles or just anywhere on the layout of your website. They enable readers and fans to perform quick content shares on networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

7. Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling already exists especially in a number of shopping sites. This is an excellent technique of engaging your visitors while the page continues to load as they scroll down. Pagination has never been a limiting factor! So for the right layouts this technique works well.

These were a few trends that I expect would do the rounds in the year 2013. Also this year would definitely show better results for already existing features like fixed headers, etc. I’m hoping to see improved User interfaces delivering better user experiences.

Disha Joshi, working in Best Web Design Company as a content Marketer. I have been in this industry since last two & half years.


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